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Testimonial from Medical Director of multi-physician practice in South Bay

One of the most valuable words of advice imparted to me by the physician I bought this practice from was that if you ever have any legal problems, make sure you call Sharon Kime.

I have known about Ms. Kime for some years as she has successfully helped several alternative physicians that I've worked with. It wasn't until I needed her services that I really appreciated her value. In fact, I have had to rely on her for several legal issues and advice. She has always been prompt, efficient, thorough, prepared and knowledgeable on both legal and medical issues.

As any physician can attest, being involved in any legal action can be a very lonely, depressing experience. In addition to all the above qualities, one of Sharon's greatest attributes is the passion she devotes to her work. It's a very comforting experience to be in the hands of a lawyer who knows about your experience and also has the drive to do everything possible for a positive outcome. I'm glad to say that has been true for me. Sharon's professional knowledge and commitment to help alternative physicians has been a winning formula in my experience. I would highly recommend her to any physician in need of legal advice and assistance.

– Anonymous

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