Client Testimonials

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Testimonial from Medical Director of multi-physician practice in South Bay 09-13-12

"One of the most valuable words of advice imparted to me by the physician I bought this practice from was that if you ever have any legal problems, make sure you call Sharon Kime.

I have known about Ms. Kime for some years as she has successfully helped several alternative physicians that I've worked with. It wasn't until I needed her services that I really appreciated her value. In fact, I have had to rely on her for several legal issues and advice. She has always been prompt, efficient, thorough, prepared and knowledgeable on both legal and medical issues.

As any physician can attest, being involved in any legal action can be a very lonely, depressing experience. In addition to all the above qualities, one of Sharon's greatest attributes is the passion she devotes to her work. It's a very comforting experience to be in the hands of a lawyer who knows about your experience and also has the drive to do everything possible for a positive outcome. I'm glad to say that has been true for me. Sharon's professional knowledge and commitment to help alternative physicians has been a winning formula in my experience. I would highly recommend her to any physician in need of legal advice and assistance."

Testimonial from Medical Director of large multi-physician alternative practice with many allied health professionals in North Bay 09-19-12

"When I have needed legal advice that touches on areas related to the California Medical Board, I have retained the services of Sharon Barclay Kime. I respect Sharon's organized and clear approach. She is legally sharp, informed on current medical laws and policy. She is elegant and concise in her communication. While legal issues are never a good time, knowing the person looking out for you is professional and efficient makes it a lot less stressful. I give Sharon's name out when any of my medical friends in California have Medical Board problems. I know she will work hard on their behalf and provide the same caring and winning service she has given to me."

Testimonial from an Integrative Medicine Physician in the South Bay 10-12-12

"When it comes to defending physicians practicing integrative medicine, Sharon is without question one of the best attorneys on the West Coast. An aggressive style balanced with her affinity for alternative approaches to healing make her an ideal choice for complementary medicine doctors needing legal representation.

Sharon has plenty of experience and passionately believes defending the legal right of doctors to practice evidence based medicine that may not be in total agreement with prevailing customary medical practices. Choosing Ms. Kime is a prudent investment for any doctor needing legal representation for inquiry from the medical board."

Testimonial from Nurse Practitioner in Bay Area County Hospital 10-27-12

"I have been a nurse practitioner in clinical practice in California for over 30 years. Like you, and most other responsible clinicians, I have always taken my professional responsibilities very seriously. That I was licensed for clinical practice by my professional board and the DEA represented what I have always considered a sacred trust. Never in my wildest imagination would I have that thought that circumstances in my personal life would lead me to violate that trust.

When diagnosed with a serious illness I became dependent on the pain medication prescribed to control my symptoms. As that dependency spiraled out of control I found myself abusing my professional privileges in response to it. When the DEA held up my license renewal I was certain it was related to the abuse of those privileges.

With the help of my medical team I received the treatment I needed for my dependency. And when that was completed I found my way to the Pacific West Law Group and Sharon Kime.

Reluctant at first to seek legal representation, I have been extremely happy that I did. To my legally naïve mind I thought that hiring an attorney meant that I was not taking responsibility for my professional missteps, something I definitely wanted to do. Ms. Kime, who has a long history in the medical as well as legal professions, assured me those two things were not mutually exclusive.

Because of her insiders knowledge of the medical, nursing and related health fields Ms. Kime and her partners prepared my representation in a way that sought to contextualize my current situation with my a long career of service to the community. Preparing me for what might be ahead legally and professionally, I felt more confident at every turn that I could weather this storm whatever the outcome.

I was lucky; my situation had an excellent outcome without any protracted legal ramifications. But even so, Pacific West and Ms. Kime didn't stop there. Before they released me they reviewed all the pertinent practice laws with me and made sure that all my practice documents and credentials were up to date to the letter of the law.


If you are ever in a situation like mine, rise to the occasion and take responsibility for your actions. But get the best, most qualified legal representation you can find, Sharon Kime and her associates at Pacific West Law Group."

Testimonial from San Francisco alternative care physician 11-07-12

"In 1997 when the medical board had launched several investigations at once in an attempt to discourage my practice of Modern Natural Medicine in San Francisco, I contacted Sharon Kime for legal representation.

Ms. Kime was able to apply a blend of legal expertise from her law and medical backgrounds to counter each charge listed in the California Medical Board's complaints and various investigations.

Ms. Kime demonstrated a unique understanding in the relentless applications of several unique legal strategies to "push back" again and again against the medical board investigators charges. These actions she implemented allowed a very favorable resolvement of my issues which had lingered for years before her involvement.

She easily was the most effective legal advocate for my positions out of the 5 attorneys I engaged during the years of intense board activity.

I would advise anyone who has issues with the California Medical Board to contact Sharon Kime at her firm immediately."

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.