Lawyers for Peer Review and Credentialing in San Francisco

The medical peer review and credentialing process is intended to protect patients from doctors who pose a potential danger to their health or safety. Unfortunately, the process can be abused by participants who seek to advance their own careers and to drive out competitors, sometimes for reasons entirely unrelated to quality of care.

The attorneys of Pacific West Law Group LLP have extensive experience representing physicians who are the target of peer review, as well as providing skilled representation to medical staffs and other organizations that review doctors. To speak to an experienced lawyer about your peer review or credentialing matter, contact the firm today.

Physician Representation

While many peer review proceedings and investigations are conducted in response to legitimate concerns about physician performance or conduct, they can also be initiated in bad faith for retaliatory, personal or economic reasons. Further, even if there are legitimate quality concerns, there are almost always less damaging ways to address those concerns. If you believe you are being targeted through peer review, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible as these proceedings can have profound consequences for you and your career.

Medical Staff Representation

In addition to representing individual physicians in peer review matters, the attorneys of the Pacific West Law Group LLP, advise numerous medical staffs and professional groups with peer review responsibilities, counseling them on how to properly investigate and evaluate concerns regarding physician performance and conduct. Because proper peer review is a blend of law and medicine, our attorneys work as closely as possible with our clients throughout the entire process to make sure it is accomplished fairly and effectively.

Hearing Officer

Formal peer review hearings also require a knowledgeable and experienced hearing officer. For over 20 years, Brock Phillips of the Pacific West Law Group has served as a hearing officer at hospitals throughout California. He continues to be available to perform this highly specialized service upon request.